How to Give Your Girl an Orgasm Every Time

hot girl cummingResearch has shown that every woman has the physical ability to ejaculate. But why is it that very few women ever get to this point? It all boils down to your technique in the bedroom. Although some women do cum faster and more often than others, you can make any girl cum every time by following the three proven methods below.

Ensure her mind is into it

Ever heard of the phrase sex is all in the mind? Well, the statement could not be more accurate when it comes to a girl’s orgasm. You need to plant the idea in their mind early enough and to nurture it throughout the day. Build the anticipation by whispering sweet nothings into her ears and telling her what you want to do to her. Make sure to use the dirty talk both during sex and foreplay. When her mind gets into it, her body will surely follow, and she will orgasm much quicker.

Take Time to Stimulate Her Clitoris Before Penetration

The clitoris is essential to any female ejaculation. So pleasuring this crucial part will go a long way in stimulating your girl. Your tongue is your secret weapon. Women are not able to resist the warm and soft sensation it provides. Don’t rush or push too hard though; take it slow and be persistent. Remember, Repetition is key. Make her feel that you won’t stop until she succumbs to the pleasure.

If you combine this with the dirty talk we discussed earlier, your girl will explode with just a few strokes when you finally get to penetration. Use two fingers to finger her upper wall while still performing oral. This will stimulate her g-spot. Going down on your girl will work miracles for you especially if you have problems lasting long.

Choose a favorable position

We have already established that the clitoris is key. Any sex position you choose should, therefore, be able to put pressure on it; your girl will not be reaching her climax otherwise. The truth is that most sex positions don’t stimulate a girl’s clitoris. You will need a little bit of innovation to achieve this fete. These three positions can help you get there.

(1) With your girl on top, make a fist and place it at the junction of your pelvises. She will press her clitoris against your fist every time she thrusts forward.

(2) Get your girl into a doggy style position. Position yourself behind her and reach out to stroke her clit while penetrating her from the rear.

(3) Get on top of your woman but with your chest closer to her shoulders instead of her chest. Your penis will move up and down into the vagina instead of the more common horizontal movement thus enhancing contact between your pelvic bone and her clit.

Most people will tell you that a girl takes somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes to cum. But what we know for certain is that generally, women take longer to ejaculate than men. So unless you want your girl to be faking it every time, you need to even out the playing field by implementing some of the techniques listed above.

Best Techniques to Go Down on Her (Oral Sex)

Oral sex is an essential part of foreplay; it’s a great way of priming a woman and reduces the pressure on the amount of time that a man lasts while having sex. Here is a guideline on how guys need to go about when giving ladies oral sex.

* Don’t rush in

Most guys aren’t aware on how to go about when performing oral sex. They tend to rush into it in an attempt to get through in a very short time; oral sex must be a gradual process. Kiss her lips and neck as you make your way down her body until you get to her inner thighs. Ensure that you make a good eye contact and position yourself in a comfortable way so that you can caress her breasts every now and then.

* Build up gradually

When you begin kissing and licking, it’s important to work your way from outside. This makes the feelings more intense. A slow build up makes better orgasm for women. A wide majority of women are sensitive to touch; this includes touches performed by the tongue as well. Start gently so that you can see what your woman exactly wants. The clitoris is full of nerve endings; ensure that you listen to all her signals.

* Get creative while using your tongue

The key to giving women good oral sex is to ensure that your tongue is always on the move. If you aren’t sure on this, keep the tongue flat and lick the entire clitoris and vulva as well. Do a side to side, an up and down move or even a mixture of both.

* Use your hands also

When giving oral sex, ensure that you have kept your hands at a free position so that you can add some extra element. If you are in a position where you can caress both her breasts and body the better. You can use one hand so that you can slightly lift up her “clitoris hood’’ from where you can access the most sensitive parts and stimulate them using your tongue. Make attempts to multitask by using your fingers when stimulating the G-spot so that you can prepare her for the next level.

* Communicate

It’s never easy to speak to a woman when performing oral sex on her, it’s important to listen to the kind of sounds that she is making. Women are a little bit shy but when properly engaged, they can talk about what they like and what they don’t. It’s also important to read her body language. If your girl is not a talker, look for signs like heavier breathing or even moaning. If she holds the top your head with a tight grip, this is one sign that she’s getting closer to the climax.

* Experiment with several positions

It’s important to try different positions so that you can establish the best position that works for both of you. You can also introduce several new positions. Whatever you choose to do, ensure that you mix up several styles so that she doesn’t feel as if it’s a routine. Don’t be so predictable to an extent that she can always tell your next move. Be creative, flexible and responsive.

Powerful Techniques to Finger a Girl and Make Her Squirt

Arguably, increasing your girl’s pleasure is the ultimate goal of any man in a relationship. However, many men underestimate the power that they carry with them. The answer to how to finger a girl’s pussy is literally on your hands; Yes, on your fingertips. How you may ask? Through using your hands you may just make a woman feel so sexually attracted to you and satisfy her in all means possible. This article will look at some powerful techniques to finger a girl and make her squirt.

To begin with, you may need to have gained the girl’s trust. Without this she may not squirt leave alone orgasm. This requires a lot of trust form the woman since it all starts in the mind.

Starting it Off and Growing Towards it Gradually

Before you begin making her squirt you need to let her desire to have you so badly. This is done through the various ways such as kissing. This will make her beg to have you. As much as this is what you desire, take it slow. Secondly, rubbing your hand rapidly and slowly through her body telling her how much you love her. Scientifically, the importance of this is to allow mucous to flow in your girl’s vagina hence making her wet and ready for anything. It is not time yet to go underneath her panties. First ensure that you pass your finger along her lips. Once in a while slip your fingers next to her panty. This makes the whole thing amazing for her.

3 Amazing Procedural Techniques to Use

There are several areas which when touched arises any woman. However, for one to provide her with maximum pleasure you may touch the following areas:

1. The Rubber
The rubber technique takes place in the clitoris. This is the best part to stimulate any woman. Arguably, almost all women get stimulated when the clitoris is touched. However, increasing the pleasure is not just done by just rubbing her clitoris. Firstly, you need to ensure that your hands are clean. This is to avoid transmission of any bacteria in her clitoris. This is followed by applying some soft lubricant to lubricate the finger in order to make them slippery.

2. G-Spot Sign
Locating a G-Spot may not be as easy as it seems. Actually, not many people ultimately located the G-Spot after first glance. The G-Spot is usually located at the top of her vagina. In order to slowly touch the G-Spot, you need to enter your hand into the vagina and using your fingers make a hook motion then slowly pass it through. You should start slowly as it applies to many parts and then increases rapidly. Arguably, the faster you touch the G-Spot the more the pleasure.

3. A Double Arousal
Actually, this involves the use of two hands. The process is usually simple and takes some time. Using this style helps increases the chances of squirting. In a double arousal, ensure there are two places you are touching; the clitoris and the vagina. In addition, for her to continue with the stimulation, one hand should have entered a vagina while another is touching the clit. Take it slow even if she may demand you to do it harder. Doing it slow helps you maintain the tension that has already been built up. After a while you will see some ejaculations. These are some powerful techniques to finger a girl and make her squirt.

The Benefits of Eliminating Cellulite from Your Body

Cellulite can cause a lot of embarrassment and that is why you need to get rid of it on your legs and thighs, especially since it is a well-known belief that fat people get cellulite. There are millions of people who go through the cellulite problem. What is cellulite is what you must be wondering? Cellulite, though not a medical term, is caused by fat cells growing large because they contain toxic waste that your body could not dispose fat and water.

Unlike other types of fat, cellulite is visible on the skin and the skin starts looking ugly and lumpy where cellulite is formed. The process of cellulite forming is that the fibrous tissue connects the skin layer with deeper layers of tissue, this process also creates separate compartments, after the fat cells grow, it shows on skin, it starts looking lumpy, and the skin pores enlarged.

It is obvious that with this skin you cannot wear a bikini on the beach or a low waist jeans, for the fear of cellulite showing. Cellulite can be embarrassing in intimate relationships too.

There are several myths surrounding cellulite. These are:-

Cellulite is the problem of only fat women: This is an entirely wrong notion. You will be surprised to find that some fit and slim women have cellulite too.

Cellulite is caused due to excess of water and fat in the body: This is half truth, yes cellulite is caused due to fat, you will also find water in cellulite, but another thing you will find in cellulite is the toxins. Cellulite forms when your body is unable to flush all the toxins in your body out. The toxins are collected and with fat and water they form cellulite.

Exercising will reduce cellulite: Exercising is a must; it will keep you healthy, fit and in good shape, so please do not stop exercising even if you find out that exercising will not remove cellulite altogether, although it will help since your blood circulation will be better.

Cellulite contains fat and water, so reduce both: It is correct that cellulite contains fat and water, reducing fat is a good idea. But reducing fat and water to remove cellulite is a wrong concept. Fat is connected with cellulite, therefore it does cause cellulite but it is not the only cause. Otherwise thin women would not have cellulite.

Dehydration is a way to reduce cellulite: Wrong again, cellulite will not go by dehydrating the area where you have cellulite, cellulite is not a problem to be solved with remedies which are neither proven nor have been effective. Dehydrating yourself or the area of cellulite might cause damage to your system and skin. Dehydrating yourself will cause your toxin levels to increase and create more cellulite.

Why Women Love Full Loads (On Her Face!)

When it comes to sex, we all pretend that size isn’t important, but of course it is. “It’s not the motion of the ocean it’s the size of the boat” they say. But how about the size of the load? Does it matter? Does anyone even notice?

It would seem that they do. A quick glance at online forums will show a multitude of questions about how much women like. As with size the general consensus is that the fuller the load, the more enjoyable the experience. On a basic level, the more a man can shoot a big load, the more virile he is! Our inner cave-woman tells us the more testosterone, the stronger the man and the more able to take care of us. The online forums are full of tips on how to ejaculate more and longer (maca and lecithin are oft mentioned it seems!) and the holy grail of ejaculation is hitting the ceiling during ejaculation. Shooting a full load is, it seems an extension of masculinity, something for men to aspire to and women to enjoy. There is even a website called “” which, well you can probably guess what that’s about!

But for many women, it is much more than this. Many describe enjoying the feeling, and bonding more during this moment. On a purely physical level, we all believe that a huge amount of semen equals great sex, and that the man has to enjoy it more if he produces more semen. This in turn increases the woman’s enjoyment of the experience, many saying that they feel much more enjoyment from the sensation. The strength and length is often the focus of adult films, and for many women is also visually satisfying. Many women have fetishes about how much the guy can shoot, and compare with their friends for the strength and length. They would deny this if asked though! Women associate huge loads with their own attractiveness, and ability in the bedroom to make the man feel great and produce more.

So, visually, the more the better. When it comes to normal sex the same applies. But when it comes to swallowing, things turn about very quickly. Although some women enjoy swallowing large amounts, for many the gag reflex comes into play, and they find the act of swallowing large amounts very difficult, especially if it has a strong taste. Women seem to be divided 50/50 on this subject, for some swallowing is an extension of the sex act, and a sign of lust and love. For others, the urge to spit wins all the time, and no amount of love can take the bad taste away. As with anything, everyone is different and enjoys different things, and the spit vs swallow debate is an entirely personal thing. Of course, the cleaning up isn’t so much fun, but that’s the point, isn’t it? We want great, explosive, mind blowing sex to take our minds off the mundane boring stuff that takes up most of the days. Anyway, I’m off to encourage my boyfriend to do his Kegel exercises. He’s not quite reaching the ceiling yet…

The Importance of a Big Penis to Build Confidence

There is a long running joke that the self-esteem of a male is based on the Three B’s: Brains, Body, Balls. As much as this might be too simplistic to be the absolute truth, and no scientist would ever agree with that, you cannot say it is ridiculously off the mark. As a man, I know what men prioritize (not all men, but most men). And let’s be honest too, women talk about it too. Anyone who says that the size if the member makes no difference in terms of self-confidence just doesn’t have a member small enough.

Men are constantly pressured by society, pop icons or poster boys to get bigger in size. But not just that. This desire also comes with age. Once you are in an adult relationship, you want to feel assured that your partner is enjoying the whole of you. A larger member makes you feel like you girl is getting some extra pleasure in the bedroom.

How important is size from a woman’s perspective?

Unlike in the past, there is more access to information in today’s world. This means that even if a woman is still a virgin, she has seen enough different sizes on the internet. A woman already knows what she is going for even before she has seen it. Some of the arguments women have about a size include:

(1)The size of a man’s member determines his attractiveness.

A tall, well-built man with a small member is deemed less attractive than a shorter one with a bigger size. Most women argue that a sizeable member complements a man’s good body and good looks.

(2)Size actually determines sexual compatibility.

Most women argue the size of their partner’s manhood determines their sexual compatibility. While most might say that the bigger the better, some say that longer sizes make them not enjoy sex.

Reasons for preference of above average size:

(1)Most women who like it bigger actually experience vaginal orgasm. They need a bigger size for maximum vaginal stimulation so as to reach orgasm.

(2)Some women might want the above average size for sexual explorations. One night stands are an example.

(3)Men with above average size member are deemed more masculine.

The relationship between men and their manhood is a complicated affair in relation to their sense of power. At the root of a man’s self worth is how he feels the size of his “thing” and what he thinks of its ability to satisfy his partners.

There is no man who has not compared the size of his own to other men at the urinal or in the locker room, a sizing-up that led to either a prideful smile or a rueful sense of inadequacy. It is this shame that led to that famous catch phrase, “I’m not a shower, I’m a grower”! It is after a man deals with these size issues that he starts having sex without the risk of a panic attack. Of course the matter of sexual performance will still nag at him. Can he be able to sustain his erection? Let’s be honest. Almost every man has been embarrassed when his penis stayed limp and refused to cooperate at some point during sex.

The size debate has gone as far as the Republican Contest between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. Trump responded to Rubio mocking the size of his hands saying there was no problem with the size of his hands “or anything else”!